I joined ComReg in 2008 as a solicitor with significant post qualification experience.

I am a Legal Manager in ComReg. I provide advice on a range of legal issues including dispute resolution, decision making, competition and regulatory law. I manage litigation – appeals, judicial reviews, summary prosecutions and compliance cases. I also manage a team of lawyers in one of the divisions here in ComReg.

I had previously worked in private practice in large law firms in Dublin, Brussels and Sydney. I had also worked as an in-house lawyer in a commercial semi-state.

My role requires management skills. I am grateful to ComReg for helping me to develop these skills. I attend regular in-house training held at ComReg and I also took part in the Senior Executive Programme at the Irish Management Institue (IMI), through the ComReg Educational Assistance Programme where I received training on strategy, finance, management of complex organisations and leadership.

It is undoubtedly on the job where I have learned the most. I particularly enjoyed taking part in the ComReg mentoring programme – both as mentor and as mentee.

I enjoy my work at ComReg which is interesting  but the best part is the people.

It is great working in a friendly and collegiate multi-disciplinary environment. I have evolved from an adviser on legal matters into a trusted adviser on a range of matters.

Finally, as a working mother, I really appreciate ComReg’s awareness of work life balance.