Our ComReg team comprises of a variety of professional disciplines working together collaboratively. This includes engineers, lawyers, accountants, economists, analysts and corporate service staff (HR, PR, IT and finance). All these roles sit within our five divisions, namely Market Framework, Retail and Consumer Services, Wholesale, Corporate Services and The Office of the Commission. People work not only with their own disciplines but also with other professions and other divisions across project teams. We are located in Dublin 1 in a contemporary, bright and collaborative work space. Below are some comments put together by those working here and relating to their specific experience.

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“ComReg’s role is wide and varied, meaning that each day presents a new and exciting challenge. I am part of a team of professionals who maintain a strong consumer advocacy and protection role. The work that we do is very rewarding and gives me a great sense of accomplishment.”


“My experience of working in ComReg is of being part of a dedicated team of people who wish to deliver excellent outcomes for any project we undertake and improve their own skills in parallel. I cannot underestimate the power of teamwork in ComReg and how important it is to the delivery of successful projects. There is also a great culture of mentoring in the organisation and I have been lucky enough to have worked with a number of people who have changed my career path for the better.”


“ComReg is a professional and modern workplace. It’s a relatively small organisation with very broad responsibilities; this has allowed me great opportunities to gain experience in projects or processes that have a major impact on the industry and consumers from early in my career. I have found ComReg a great place to grow my career through opportunities for experience coupled with fantastic supports for training and further education.”

Senior Manager 

“After years in ComReg, in a variety of roles, I have always found my work to be engaging, with a strong emphasis on collaborative working. You are challenged to think, learn from those around you and challenge new ideas.”

Senior Adviser

“The exposure to so many different stakeholders and personalities has helped me move from being a die-hard engineer to a more fully rounded spectrum manager. Spectrum management happens locally, regionally and internationally and working at ComReg has exposed me at length to all three of these environments, bringing new challenges and stimulating situations that keeps on fuelling my interests and passion.”