Lodging your query or complaint with ComReg

ComReg can seek to resolve disputes between consumers and service providers where the service providers own complaint handling process has broken down.

  • we will information you of your service provider’s obligations
  • if you have lodged a complaint, followed your service provider’s complaint procedures and your complaint remains unresolved, ComReg may be able to review the issue
  • we may be able to escalate the issue on your behalf to your service provider
  • we will also give you a realistic idea of the likely outcome of your complaint


If you need more information or have a question, get in touch with our Consumer Care team by clicking here.


Tips for making a complaint

Checklist when contacting ComReg about a complaint

  • has the issue causing the complaint occurred recently?
  • have you following the service provider’s complaint handling procedures ‘code of practice’?
  • are you the account holder*?
  • did you receive a complaint reference number?


*in some circumstances ComReg will work with other people or organisations to help resolve a complaint.


Details you should give ComReg about your complaint

  • your contact details
  • the account name and account number
  • details of the complaint, including your service provider’s complaint reference number
  • details of any previous dealings with the service provider
  • a clear idea of what you hope to achieve by raising your complaint
  • details of the service provider’s response to your complaint


Formal dispute resolution

As well as our Consumer Care team, ComReg has introduced formal dispute resolution procedures which are applicable to some disputes.

If your complaint is unresolved for more than 40 working days after lodging a complaint with your service provider under their code of practice for complaint handling and relates to a broadband, home or mobile phone dispute, you can apply to ComReg to adjudicate on your dispute.

There is a €15.00 fee for this adjudication and ComReg’s complaint handling service will cease in relation to your complaint.

Please note: not all disputes are applicable for formal dispute resolution.

For a dispute to be considered it must relate to an issue that ComReg has the power to resolve (see ComReg document 18/104 for full details).  It must also remain unresolved for 40 working days since it was first lodged with the service provider on a date after 2nd September 2019.

If you wish to apply for formal dispute resolution, please email ComReg consumer dispute resolution cdr@comreg.ie for further details and an application form.