Before we start

ComReg is a statutory body that regulates the electronic communications, premium rate services and postal service sectors.

If you have a complaint relating to your mobile, home phone and broadband service provider, ComReg can intervene on your behalf.

However, ComReg can only do this if:

You have already raised your complaint with your service provider.

That complaint has been open and unresolved for 10 working days or more.

Now for your questions

I have a complaint about my service provider. What should I do?

  • First, act promptly. Service providers often have tight timeframes in which you can make a complaint.
  • When you contact your service provider, be specific and say that you wish to raise a complaint.
  • Be clear about the problem that you have and provide specific details.
  • Note the time and date that you make your complaint.
  • Ask for your complaint reference number and make a note of it.
  • Note any promises that your service provider makes.
  • Cooperate with your service provider and give them time to review and resolve your complaint.

How should my service provider handle my complaint?

All mobile, home phone, and broadband service providers are required to have their own ‘Code of Practice’ for handling complaints. This is usually available on their website or at your direct request.

This Code of Practice will explain:

  • How to contact your service provider with your complaint – the first point of contact.
  • A means of recording complaints.
  • How long it will take them to acknowledge and respond to your complaint.
  • What the procedures are for resolving your complaint.
  • Appropriate cases where reimbursement of payments, and payments in settlement of losses incurred, will be made.
  • The retention of records of complaints (for a period of not less than one year following the resolution of the complaint).
  • How to escalate your complaint to the ‘second-line support team’. This may be a team leader, supervisor or manager who can help with more complicated consumer complaints.

The Code of Practice will also include a timeframe for referring your complaint to ComReg, if necessary.

Who or what is ComReg?

ComReg is the Commission for Communications Regulation. We are the statutory body responsible for regulation of the electronic communications, premium rate services and postal service sectors.

How and when can ComReg help me?

If you have an open complaint with your mobile, home phone, or broadband provider that has been unresolved for 10 working days or more, ComReg, as the regulator for electronic communications, can review and escalate the complaint on your behalf.

For ComReg to intervene, your complaint must meet our two-step criteria; 1) have first been raised with your service provider and 2) remain unresolved after 10 working days or more.

What happens if my complaint meets those two criteria?

  1. ComReg’s Consumer Care team, on receipt of your complaint, will first inform you of your service provider’s obligations to you.
  2. The team will then review your complaint in detail and advise you if it can be escalated further.
  3. If your complaint can be escalated:
    1. ComReg will make contact with your service provider on your behalf.
    2. Your service provider will keep in contact with you to resolve the issue and ComReg will track the progress of your complaint.
    3. When your service provider confirms the issue is resolved, ComReg will examine the resolution and check to see that your issues have been dealt with.

What information will I need to give ComReg about my complaint?

For ComReg to review your complaint as quickly as possible, you’ll need to provide:

  • Your contact details.
  • The account name and account number in question.
  • Details of your complaint, including your service provider’s complaint reference number.
  • Details of any previous dealings with the service provider.
  • A clear idea of what you hope to achieve by raising your complaint.
  • Details of the service provider’s response to your complaint.

Will ComReg always intervene in a way that benefits me?

ComReg will review and escalate consumer complaints that meet our two-step criteria.

However, we will not pursue complaints if the service provider has suggested a solution or remedy that we deem to be acceptable and in light of the service provider’s regulatory requirements.

I have a complaint about my service provider. Can I contact ComReg first?

No — you must contact your service provider first.

ComReg can only intervene in a complaint on your behalf provided your complaint has 1) first been raised with the service provider and 2) remains unresolved after 10 working days or more.