ComReg participates in the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (“ERGP”)

The ERGP was established in August 2010, the functions of the ERGP specifically include advising and assisting the EC in consolidation of the internal market for postal services and in consistent application of the applicable regulatory framework in all the EU member states.

Work areas have included: regulatory cost accounting, net costs of USO, cross-border services, end-to-end competition and access to the postal network, postal infrastructure and market measurement, end-to-end satisfaction.

The ERGP publishes its Work Programme (WP) annually. The WP is implemented by ERGP sub-Groups (WG). Each WG, composed of experts from NRAs, members or observers, address specific topics, analyse the relevant issues and preparing, inter alia, reports for discussion and adoption by ERGP.

As well as carrying on some projects from the 2019 Work Programme, the 2020 ERGP Work Programme sets out deliverables, which a WG in each is responsible for. The deliverables include:

  • Exploring the possible definitions in the postal sector
  • ERGP input to the EC for the future regulatory framework
  • Suitability of regulatory tools to promote competition
  • Interconnection models and access to international postal networks
  • Evaluation of cross-border parcel delivery services
  • Profiling the Postal Stakeholders Ecosystem
  • Quality of service, consumer protection and complaints handling
  • Monitoring of the main market developments

Recent meetings include:

Date Press Release(s)
29 November 2019 17th Plenary meeting Press Release (ERGP PL II (19) 49)
28 June 201916th Plenary meeting Press Release (ERGP PL I (19)17)
ERGP PLI (19)18 Press release Opinion on Future Regulation
29 November 201815th Plenary meeting Press Release (ERGP PL II (18) 48)

Recent publications include:

Document Reference & LinkDocument Name
ERGP II (19) 11 WP2020ERGP Work Programme 2020
ERGP II (19) 27Report on public consultation on ERGP Work Programme 2020
ERGP PL II (19) 26
Report on the outcome of the public consultation MTS 2020-2022
ERGP PL II (19) 7Medium Term Strategy 2020-2022
ERGP PL I (19)10ERGP Report on the development of postal networks
ERGP PL I (19)12Opinion on the review of the regulatory framework
ERGP (18) 49ERGP Report on developments in the postal sector and implications for regulation

For more publications and information see the ERGP section of the website of the European Commission : DG Grow – ERGP