Electronic Communications Strategy 2019 – 2021

The electronic communications services (ECS) sector plays a key role in shaping Ireland’s economy and society. Today, there is virtually no part of our lives which remains untouched by innovations in digital connectivity.

In the absence of regulation, it is doubtful if electronic communications markets would evolve in ways which meet society’s needs. Due to the nature of these markets, it is possible that , if left unregulated, investment would occur more slowly, end users would have less choice and prices would be higher. As the regulator for the electronic communications sector, ComReg strives to shape the competitive landscape, provide regulatory certainty and give the necessary incentives to make large scale investments in electronic communications networks possible.

Strategic Intents 2019-2021

 This Strategy sets out five strategic intents for the organisation. Underlying these intents are 30 Goals, which can be viewed in the published documents:

Trends and Challenges

Below are the key five trends and challenge ComReg’s sees impacting on the ECS sector over the coming years. As the regulator, ComReg must anticipate and be in a position to reacting to potential changes in the market or wider ECS ecosystem.