My role in ComReg is Regulatory Analyst in the Retail and Consumer Services Division. I joined ComReg in March 2013 on the Consumer Care Escalations Team and gained valuable experience and a varied and wide range of Consumer, ComReg and Telecoms Service Provider knowledge. I also had the opportunity to work with the Premium Rate Services Compliance team before my current role.

Before joining ComReg I spent eight years working in the Telecoms sector and had additional experience in operations management, project management and facilities management. This rounded view of both telecoms and other industries, in Ireland and abroad, has supported my role.

I have received excellent training opportunities since joining ComReg. The ongoing internal training and development programme is of a very high standard with all staff being trained in core foundation courses.

No day, job or project is the same. The demand for growth of knowledge and skills in Retail and Consumer Services is challenging and exciting and is supported through strong mentoring style management. Working with the public sector brings a requirement for knowledge in areas such as policy development and the public procurement process. Working with ComReg brings a requirement for knowledge in areas such as regulation and telecommunications. In any given day, liaison with engineers, economists, lawyers and accountants is commonplace.