I work in the Wholesale Division in ComReg as a Products Analyst.

This provides me with an opportunity to engage directly with the different telecommunication operators in Ireland, gaining an understanding of how they interact with each other and the business challenges faced by them.

Working with ComReg has really expanded my view of telecommunications in considering it from an Industry perspective. Working at ComReg also means collaborating closely with very experienced professionals who work as part of a multi-functional team.

Working with people who have legal, economic, technical and pricing expertise and who all work in a regulatory context has widened my knowledge beyond my previous experience in telecommunications.

Coming from an engineering background and entering into a multi-functional environment meant having to learn new concepts and terminology. The support and mentoring of my team has made this transition much smoother than expected.

ComReg fosters continuing professional development and this will give me great flexibility in deciding how to best enhance my qualifications in areas that are of interest to me in general but that will also benefit my work in ComReg.

My time with ComReg has provided me with some very good experiences of working in a new environment with a motivated and helpful team. It has been a case of not just learning new things but also thinking about areas of telecommunications, that I have previously been familiar with, in new ways.

Instead of thinking purely in technical and commercial terms I now see issues in terms of their economic, legal and regulatory dependencies.